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2016 staff picks

After weeks of scrutiny, Record Exchange staffers have completed their 2016 Top 10 lists. Visit the store to view the lists in realtime and preview our picks. Let the judgment begin!


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The Record Exchange is a proud partner with Boise's Payette Brewing Company! Enjoy Payette Brewing Company beer (and for free!) at Record Exchange events such as Record Store Day, the annual holiday Bonus Club Sale and select live music events!


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rx top 10

1. Voids
Minus the Bear
2. Divide
Ed Sheeran
3. Side Pony
Lake Street Dive
4. Last Place
5. Volcano
6. Blurryface
Twenty One Pilots
7. Prisoner
Ryan Adams
8. Windy City
Alison Krauss
9. Graveyard Whistling
Old 97’s
10. Eponym
Steve Fulton

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November 16th, 2016


14657325_10153918778743144_4089121631312219648_nRiver Boise presents Mike Doughty live at The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St. in Downtown Boise) at 6pm Wednesday, Nov. 16. This is Doughty’s only show in Boise on this tour! As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.

Doughty’s new album The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns will be available for purchase at the in-store, including the vinyl, which you can get ahead of its Nov. 25 release date!


418457623070-1By his ninth solo album, The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns, you’d figure Mike Doughty would have slipped into a comfortable pattern, but he’s just not that kind of artist. The former frontman of Soul Coughing is obsessively, constantly driven to sound new.

The title is pulled from a WTF! podcast, on which Doughty’s old buddy Marc Maron used the phrase, somehow, in reference to chewing nicotine gum, in his struggle to quit smoking. The two go back to the East Village comedy scene of the late ‘90s, so when Doughty asked Maron if he could use the line as an album title, the comic responded, “Use it and throw me a bone.”

The record is Doughty’s third collaboration with Queens, New York, hip-hop producer Good Goose, and the two collaborated long distance after Doughty left his longtime New York City base behind for the “fascinating, mysterious town” of Memphis, Tennessee.

Influences for the tracks vary wildly — and not just because Good Goose was, Doughty says, “going through this kind of unexpected heartland-rock phase.” The song “Brian” comes from a beat called the guaila that Doughty heard in a nightclub in East Africa. “Sad Girl Walking in the Rain” was the result of a “Week of Six Sad Songs” songwriting challenge Doughty self-imposed while touring the U.K., writing and recording a daily song, most with “sad” in the title.

Doughty is always coming up with self-imposed songwriting challenges because he’s the kind of artist who is not afraid to push himself to work outside of his comfort zone and take risks. Fortunately for listeners, those risks seem to consistently pay off. In the case of The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns, those risks result in a charming, elegant, and ultimately timeless record.

October 26th, 2016


large_550_tmp_2f1469059163565-laruithd9av4wxr9-533b81d425361803e32f8aec827295fd_2fcausticThe Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St. in Downtown Boise) will host a Caustic Resin vinyl reissue release party Q&A and performance at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27. Caustic Resin is celebrating the re-release of The Medicine is All Gone with a special concert at The Olympic on Friday, Oct. 28 and we have tickets for sale at the store. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages!

The evening will kick off with a Q&A with the band about The Medicine is All Gone, followed by a performance. The vinyl will be available for purchase at the event. The local version includes an insert with artwork by Boise artist Noble Hardesty.


“I was obsessed with this record when it was first released and it still blows my mind — a forgotten classic of American underground rock” — Mark Lanegan

“Caustic Resin made a bunch of great f***ing records and The Medicine Is All Gone was one of their best. The riff (and everything else) of the lead track ‘Cable’ is from one of the finest songs not only of 1998, but ever. You need this record.” — Dylan Carlson (Earth)

Caustic Resin announce the deluxe reissue of their celebrated 1998 album The Medicine is All Gone. Recorded in 1998 with engineer Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, Built To Spill), the album was a highpoint both sonically and in terms of songwriting in the 15 year career of the Boise rock trio. Initially released on Alias Records, after many years of the album’s high repute passing, largely by word of mouth, the calls and campaigns for this landmark album to be released on vinyl have finally been heeded.

Even after over a decade and a half The Medicine Is All Gone still sounds remarkable. The album is an intoxicating ride through the heaviest of psychedelic trips, its avalanche of layered guitars cascading into fathomless waters of calm respite before the white knuckle ride rises again and again. Its vocals and lyrics sound as though they are the last gasp scream uttered by a man who stands at the precipice of his own mortality. And indeed he might have been.

Caustic Resin vocalist/guitarist Brett Netson is also a longtime member of indie rock heroes Built To Spill and currently plays in drone legends Earth as well as fronting his own Brett Netson and Snakes.

October 17th, 2016


Back Side PixThe Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St.) is honored to host the Afrosonics “People Meet Your People” Album Release Party at 6pm Wednesday, Oct. 19. “People Meet Your People” will be available for purchase at the party. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.

Afrosonics People Meet Your People cover“People Meet Your People,” Afrosonics’ second release and first full-length album, was recorded in Boise in early 2016. The CD release features nine original songs plus a bonus disc of remixes.


Dayo Ayodele – Vocals, percussion
Ashley Rose Smith – Vocals
Fabian Leeflang – Vocals, percussion
Todd Dunnigan – Keyboards, vocals, percussion
Matt Fabbi – Bass
Ricky Martinez – Drums
Esteban Anastasio – Guitars
Shaun Scrivner – Trumpet, tenor and barione sax
Cathima Kodet – Percussion, vocals

Since music is the universal language, it’s only fitting that Afrosonics has chosen this medium to bring people with diverse musical influences together in the creation of an original music style. Audiences experience new vibes through a fusion of guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards, electronic soundscapes, vocals, dance and chants. Although most of the rhythms are of African and American origin, it’s tough to put a label on their sound.

Afrosonics incorporates music from all over the world, and the root of each member intermingles to create something both classic and unique. In addition to their own music, the group draws influences from other musical genres and locales, including South America, the Caribbean, funk, southern American jazz, blues, rock and others that capture the true essence of the African, American or Universal spirit.

The members of the group have come to Boise from different points on the African and American maps, each with a deep respect for their heritage and a special contribution from their respective culture. Their eclectic blend of influences will surly help others appreciate the rich tapestry of world culture through the magic of music.

Interact with Afrosonics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.