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2016 staff picks

After weeks of scrutiny, Record Exchange staffers have completed their 2016 Top 10 lists. Visit the store to view the lists in realtime and preview our picks. Let the judgment begin!


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The Record Exchange is a proud partner with Boise's Payette Brewing Company! Enjoy Payette Brewing Company beer (and for free!) at Record Exchange events such as Record Store Day, the annual holiday Bonus Club Sale and select live music events!


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Go Listen Boise is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with the mission of fostering a vibrant and diverse musical culture in the Boise area.


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[ rx top 10 ]

rx top 10

1. Voids
Minus the Bear
2. Divide
Ed Sheeran
3. Side Pony
Lake Street Dive
4. Last Place
5. Volcano
6. Blurryface
Twenty One Pilots
7. Prisoner
Ryan Adams
8. Windy City
Alison Krauss
9. Graveyard Whistling
Old 97’s
10. Eponym
Steve Fulton

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The Record Exchange is a proud sponsor of the sixth annual Treefort Music Fest, taking place March 22-26 throughout Downtown Boise. Treefort 2017 5-day passes are now on sale at The Record Exchange!


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January 22nd, 2017



The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St.) is honored to host the Lounge on Fire Album Release Party Preview performance at 7pm Thursday, Jan. 26. Their new album “Lips of Calypso” will be available for purchase at the party. Lounge on Fire’s official album release party is Saturday, Jan. 28 at Neurolux and we have tickets for sale at the store. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.


Lounge on Fire is a steel cut, blackened and peppered, cock-eyed, funk-trunked, hip-dipped flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine, also known as a sexadelic freak funk band.

Lecherously charged spitfire vocals from singer and guitarist Nathan Norton are backed by co-founder Josh Gilmore’s precision finger-funk bass and Wade Ronsse’s pulsing disco-rock drums. Alan Schwaderer’s dexterously ripping keyboard, guitar, and accordion joins an indomitable horn trio of Seth Hoffman on trumpet, Matt Patterson on saxophone, and Kevan Ash on trombone to create a cabaret that offers a dance party for the dubious listener and a mélange of musical dynamics for those ambitious to engage beyond the beat.

Combining at times elements of funk, rock, jazz, latin, psychedelia, and hip hop, Lounge on Fire explores the spectrum of eclecticism, drawing from such influences as Frank Zappa, Beck, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Talking Heads, and Led Zeppelin. The vigorous live performances channel the paisley-shirted members’ passion for making people move, often with synchronized choruses of howls, the horns running into the crowd to provide an intimate yet vociferous experience for the crowd, and the stage tremoring from the gyrations of the ensemble itself.

January 19th, 2017


storie-grubbThe Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St.) is honored to host the Storie Grubb What the Devil? Album Release Party at 6pm Thursday, Jan. 19. What the Devil? will be available for purchase at the party. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.

Storie Grubb seems to be confronting his demons…

What the Devil? begins with a BANG on the title track, a classic garage rock anthem perfect for these oddly interesting times we find ourselves living in. In “Bury Me,” we see a softer, more transparent side to Grubb’s lyrics, describing what seems to be war time and the inevitable betrayal of true love. In “Candlelight,” Grubb shares his love of evolution and acceptance of global warming: “Why try cuz everybodies gonna die/So let the oceans come right in/Everybody wants to fight/By candlelight.” The song “Names” describes a world where image, unfortunately, truly is everything, originality is taboo and labeling others is the norm. But fear not, Stories assures us that there are no answers to your questions…

“There are multiple themes at work,” adds Grubb, “like illustrating dreams. Where do we begin? Well, we begin with themes and references that we can ALL relate to.”

What the Devil? was recorded by Storie in his basement in Boise on a very old version of Garageband (2005?). “I write a lot of the melodies and guitar licks on the spot, which I couldn’t afford to do in a proper studio. So recording at home is best for me at this point. I don’t have much of a social life anymore so I just work and work until it’s done.”

Shane Brown, who has played with many notable local bands such as James Plane Wreck, is on drums. Matthew Vorhies of A Mighty Band of Microbes and Fleet Street Klezmer Band plays accordions. K.C. Martin of Velvet Hook and Marquina put down some funky bass (check out “Curtain Falls”). Storie Grubb not only wrote all the songs, he also plays the guitars, ukuleles, bass, tambourines, shakers and vocals.

From dirty garage rock to sweeping ballads of love and horror, Storie Grubb leaves us guessing once again. A final note from our Idafolky: “The world is coming undone around our ears. There’s poison in the water, dirty bloody money in never ending political wars, injustices, inequalities, blatant disrespect for the people’s needs, human rights violations on an unprecedented scale not seen in 50 years and evil to be fought at every fucking turn …but the people still want good dance music. Well, there’s plenty of it out there…this is not dance music.”


If I were going to be honest, the Storie Grubb project began in Chico, California, in 1995 when I started to play guitar and write my own songs. I was fifteen years old and completely obsessed with learning the instrument. I used to record on two old tape players, overdubbing guitars and keyboards back and forth, until I had created these half-hour-long gibberish pieces. I remember turning my mom’s little half of the shop into my studio and I spent as much time as I could out there plucking and creating these odd masterpieces.

After barely graduating high school (and being homeless once or twice), I spent a few years just trying to stay alive. I moved a lot in my early twenties… from Grants Pass, Oregon, to Paso Robles, California…I lived in Eureka, California, for a bit and even over to Boise, Idaho for a few months in the summer of 2002. It wasn’t until I was 23 (in 2003) and living in Ashland, Oregon, that I was able to record music again, but this time it was all digital and far superior to the old tape players I was used to. I was also able to stay still for a while and focus on songwriting…

Fast forward a few more years (and about five monikers later), and here I am in Boise, Idaho, with the same sort of set up. I have transformed one of the rooms in my basement into my makeshift recording studio. With an old computer, a few guitars, some keyboards and my ukuleles, I now have a way to share the sounds I hear in my head with whomever will listen.

I have always been a visual artist as well. My earliest memories are of me drawing with a crowd of toddlers around me watching in wonder. The Storie Grubb comic book began in Portland, Oregon, in 2008, where I would illustrate the lyrics to my songs and also draw out my thoughts and feelings about the world and universe around me. I now try to meld these two forms of art together because, for me, where one ends the other begins.

Members and Duties:

Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Harmonica, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion / Storie Grubb

Accordion and Moral Support/ Matthew Vorhies

November 17th, 2016


facebook-sliderRiver Boise Presents presents Idaho Ho Ho Live at The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St. in Downtown Boise) at 6pm First Thursday, Dec. 1. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.

In celebration of the seventh installment of the popular Idaho Ho Ho holiday benefit CD series, musicians from this year’s album will perform mini-sets on The Record Exchange stage as a preview of the Idaho Ho Ho Benefit Concert Dec. 3 at Visual Arts Collective.

Idaho Ho Ho CDs will be available for purchase at the event. Proceeds from sales of the CDs benefit The Idaho Foodbank.

Scheduled performers include:

SFM-Steve Fulton Music
Davey Jones and the Spiders from Bars
The Divas of Boise

More info, including ticket link, for the Dec. 3 benefit concert here.


Each year, Moxie Java and Audio Lab Recording Studios come together to create “Idaho Ho Ho: A Celebration of the Holidays with Idaho Musicians.” The CD has become a yearly top seller at The Record Exchange, with the sale of 1 CD feeding an entire family of four.

Established in 1988, Moxie Java is Idaho’s oldest and largest chain of coffeehouses in Idaho. As part of the company’s mission to celebrate the Idaho lifestyle and Idaho communities, Moxie Java has been committed to supporting Idaho charities; in addition to the Idaho Foodbank, the company has supported numerous local charitable organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, Idaho Special Olympics, Make-a-Wish Idaho and Susan G. Komen, to name a few.

The Idaho Foodbank is an independent, donor-supported, non-profit organization founded in 1984, and is the largest distributor of free food assistance in Idaho. From warehouses in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello, the Idaho Foodbank has distributed more than 17 million pounds of food to Idaho families in the past year through a network of more than 190 community-based partners. These include rescue missions, church pantries, emergency shelters and community kitchens. The Idaho Foodbank also operates direct-service programs that promote healthy families and communities through good nutrition.