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[ 2014 staff picks ]

2014 staff picks

After weeks of scrutiny, Record Exchange staffers have completed their 2014 Top 10 lists, and leading up to Christmas we will be posting individual lists here on the website. Visit the store to view the lists in realtime and shop our special '14 Staff Picks display. Let the judgment begin!


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give the gift of music

The Record Exchange has 60 hand-picked new CDs sale-priced at $9.99 for your holiday gift-giving, and you can send music to our troops overseas, too.


[ idaho ho ho 2014 ]

idaho ho ho 2014

The 2014 installment of the Idaho Ho Ho benefit holiday CD is now available at The Record Exchange. Proceeds from sales of the CD go to the Idaho Foodbank!

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The Record Exchange is a proud partner with Boise's Payette Brewing Company! Enjoy Payette Brewing Company beer (and for free!) at Record Exchange events such as Record Store Day, the annual holiday Bonus Club Sale and our singer-songwriter Birthday Bash celebrations!


[ go listen boise ]

go listen boise

Go Listen Boise is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with the mission of fostering a vibrant and diverse musical culture in the Boise area.


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rx amazon store

Visit The Record Exchange's Amazon Marketplace store to shop for rare and discount CDs, vinyl, DVDs and books. Live in Boise? Order online and arrange for in-store pickup!


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rx holiday hours

Friday, Dec. 19: 9am-10pm (coffee/gift shop opens at 7:30am)

Saturday, Dec. 20: 9am-10pm

Sunday, Dec. 21: 9am-9pm

Monday, Dec. 22: 9am-10pm (coffee/gift shop opens at 7:30am)

Tuesday, Dec. 23: 9am-10pm (coffee/gift shop opens at 7:30am)

Christmas Eve, Dec. 24: 8am-6pm

New Year's Eve, Dec. 31: 10am-7pm (coffee/gift shop opens at 7:30am)

New Year's Day, Jan. 1: 10am-9pm (coffee/gift shop opens at 9am)

[ best of 2014 vinyl sale ]

best of 2014 vinyl sale

Our friends at Beggars Group — which includes such fine indie labels as Matador, 4AD, XL and True Panther — released some great albums in 2014, and to celebrate, we’re offering 14 titles on vinyl on sale through January 15!


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black friday exclusives

Black Friday is over, but The Record Exchange still has dozens of vinyl and CD exclusives you can’t get anywhere else in the Treasure Valley!


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buy rx gift cards online!

Record Exchange Gift Cards can now be ordered for picky music fans from anywhere in the world!

Whether you live in town and want Aunt Sally in Sheboygan to stop sending you a Sears Gift Card, or you're Aunt Sally in Sheboygan and want to send your favorite RX shopper some store dollars, a Record Exchange Gift Card offers the perfect online shopping experience — and we'll ship it anywhere you want it to go!


[ rx top 10 ]

rx top 10

1. Idaho Ho Ho 2014
Various Artists
2. The Endless River
Pink Floyd
3. Rock or Bust
4. 1989
Taylor Swift
5. Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
Sturgill Simpson
6. They Want My Soul
7. Classics
She & Him
8. Sonic Highways
Foo Fighters
9. Popular Problems
Leonard Cohen
10. Cheek to Cheek
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga



Boise Weekly and The Record Exchange present the Ned Evett Treehouse Release Party preview in-store live at The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St., Downtown Boise) at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15. As always, this Record Exchange in-store performance is free and all ages. Evett’s official release party will be held on Friday, Nov. 16, at the Linen Building and we have tickets for sale at the store!


After two years in the Nashville music scene, fretless guitarist Ned Evett marks his return to Boise with a release party for his new album Treehouse.

Treehouse is the result of a remarkable collaboration of well-known music industry talent. The album was produced and recorded in the studio of Adrian Belew, the guitarist, songwriter, and record producer who has played with David Bowie, the Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon, and other famed acts. Evett met Belew in Milan, Italy, in 2010 while both were on tour with Joe Satriani.

“Adrian is one of my all-time heroes,” Evett said. “I was thrilled when he invited me to Nashville to record this album. He didn’t allow me to second guess myself.”

Evett is backed on the record by Lynn Williams on drums, Malcom Bruce-the son of Jack Bruce from Cream-on bass, Ed Roth on keyboard, and Belew on guitar. Ryan Hewitt mixed the album, directly after working on the latest Avett Brothers production. He also mixed Evett’s previous release, Afraid4U.

“This album is about love lost and redemption,” Evett notes. “It’s more singer-songwriter than fretless guitar gunslinger, but the gunslinger is still there.”

Taking special note of the title track “Treehouse” and “Mars River Delta 2128,” the album has received note-worthy four- and five-star reviews from magazines including No Depression, Guitar Player, Maverick, Premier Guitar, Guitar World, and more. Evett launched the album this summer with a two-month release tour of England.

Treehouse opened a floodgate of new writing for me,” Ned said. “I’m excited to share be able to share this work with my hometown.”


Join us Nov. 1 (6 p.m.) for Stone Brew First Thursday featuring live music by Bill Coffey and His Cash Money Cousins, free Stone Brewing Co. beer and a special Usful Glassworks glassware sale. This free, all-ages event is presented by Boise Weekly, Stone Brewing Co., Usful Glassworks and The Record Exchange.

Usful Glassworks (formerly Sustainable Futures) has created a unique line of glassware made from recycled hand-painted Stone bottles. The glassware will be available for purchase at the event — and we’re serving bottles of Stone that you can recycle right on the spot! We’ll also throw in a 30% off Record Exchange coupon with each Usful Glassworks purchase and give away some raffle prizes following the music!

Proceeds from the glassware sales will benefit Usful Glassworks.


Usful Glassworks (formerly Sustainable Futures) is a local non-profit here in Boise that makes glassware out of recycled wine, beer and liquor bottles. But, that does not even begin to tell the story about what we really do. What we really do is help put people back to work. This beautiful glassware is made by our job program participants — women and men coming out of the department of corrections, refugees, youth at risk, low-income seniors and our homeless. The production of this glassware is part of a work readiness program that is designed to get people back to work. The purchase of this glassware helps to fund the work of Usful Glassworks.


Bill Coffey has been singing and writing songs for two decades. This high-energy, roots-rock and retro-country singer, songwriter and guitar player has been compared to John Prine, Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen. Both as a solo artist and in various groups, Coffey has played tour dates throughout the West and shared the stage with such artists as John Hiatt, Dwight Yoakam, Todd Snider, Alejandro Escovedo, John Hammond, Peter Case, Glen Phillips and many others. His latest album Cemetery Skyline Rose is one of the top-selling local albums at The Record Exchange.


The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band will perform live at The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St., Downtown Boise) at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30. As always, this Record Exchange in-store performance is free and all ages. The band is performing at Neurolux later that evening as part of Radio Boise Tuesdays and we have tickets for sale at the store!


Roaring out of the southern Indiana foothills comes Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, playing a brand of Americana and Blues that stands alone – Delta blues and hillbilly fervor combine with musical acuity sharp as razor wire – best know, this trio is a force to be reckoned with. The growl of a good truck engine, the fiercest passion for his country home and family and an uncanny ability to breathe new life into old forms of music give them a pedigree many Americana acts would kill for and an ironclad work ethic keeps them on the road 250 dates a year, playing for the people with hurricane force. Locked in with an audience, the band create their own community and welcome the crowd into it, transporting them away from their troubles to joyous release, the way great musicians have done for centuries. The Rev. J. Peyton, his wife Breezy and distant cousin Aaron “Cuz” Persinger are a living breathing embodiment of the traditions and hard work ethic native to their Brown County, Indiana, home. Their new album Between The Ditches is a chronicle of this lifestyle.

With a reputation for their incendiary live shows well established, The Big Damn Band set out to make the album that would finally capture the same heat. Recorded at White Arc Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, the album was produced by The Rev. Peyton and Paul Mahern (John Mellencamp, Iggy Pop),and mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Dr. John, Shins). For previous albums, the band had recorded live, straight through in the same mode as a live show. Between the Ditches came together more slowly, with care. “We approached it saying we were going to make a record this time, not just a recording,” explained the Rev. He used a different guitar set up on almost every track, employing two ’30s National guitars, a cigar box guitar, a custom shop Gibson flattop 1929 L2 and an Airline map electric guitar. The primary amps are custom Weber amps made by Weber speakers – both are one of a kind.

Their fifth album, Between The Ditches features a new level of craftsmanship in both recording technique and songwriting. The Rev. feels that it’s their best album to date.”I’m very proud of this album, the songwriting and the playing.” The guitar playing alone should put the Rev. in the same class with his much revered idols. The songwriting boasts an added maturity and runs the gamut in subject matter from the barn burning, tongue in cheek “Shut the Screen” (where “it’s too dang hot and the bugs are too dang mean”) to the evils of strip mining, an issue close to the hearts of this Indiana born and bred band, in “Don’t Grind It Down”. There seems to be a theme expressed throughout the album and stated clearly in their first single, “Devils Look Like Angels”: “Devil don’t live down in hell, the devil’s right here doing very well”.

“Burn up some backroads, drive up to the store
They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore”

Rev Peyton’s first introduction to music was his father’s record collection of blues-oriented rock. At age 12 his father gave him a Kay brand guitar, eventually purchasing a Gorilla amplifier once he learned to play. And play he did. He became infatuated with pre-World War II country blues and a desire to learn the fingerstyle picking of artists like Charlie Patton. Fingerstyle refers to using each of the right hand fingers independently in order to play the multiple parts of a musical arrangement that would normally be played by several band members. Bass, harmonic accompaniment, melody and percussion can all be played simultaneously when playing fingerstyle.

Keith Richards has said that the first time he heard Robert Johnson’s recordings he asked “Who’s the other guy playing with him?” Of course there wasn’t one. When you listen to the songs on Between The Ditches you will be hard pressed to believe it is only one guitarist.

“Nothing’s really free
It all comes with a fee”

Misfortune struck the Rev. early on in the form of a debilitating condition that caused excruciating pain in his hands. Doctors told Peyton he’d never be able to hold his left hand in fretting position again. But he persevered, and when the bandages were removed, Peyton discovered a new flexibility and greater control in his fretting hand that enabled him to play in the fingerstyle that he longed to play.

“If it’s me with you
Then we’ll get through”

It was during his convalescence that he met his wife to be, Breezy. “I was crazy in love with her right from the start”. He credits Breezy with installing a confidence in his playing and his life in general that he had previously lacked. Breezy Peyton’s explosive washboard playing, sweet back-up vocals and striking good looks didn’t hurt their live show either.

Completing the trio is cousin Aaron Persinger on drums. “He’s a human metronome,”, says the Rev. Persinger’s drum kit gives new meaning to the term ‘stripped down’ and features a plastic 5-gallon bucket, for which he has a sponsorship deal for replacements. With their line-up finalized, the band sold everything they owned in a garage sale and headed out on the open road.

“I’ve been broke down (BROKE DOWN) from sea to shining sea
You’ve been everywhere, I’ve been broke down there
And three times in Tennessee“

In 2009, they toured opening for Clutch, an extensive headlining tour of Europe, and began their relationship with the Van’s Warped Tour, playing 12 dates in 2009 on the Kevin Says stage. They were on the entire 2010 Van’s Warped Tour on the Alternative Press stage and they received the Best Band of Warped Tour award, voted by the crew, bands, and promoters. They’ve also toured with Flogging Molly, Rev. Horton Heat, Derek Trucks and Mofro, just to name a few.

“Keep it between the ditches”

This band is fun, sure, a lot of fun, but they are for real. From virtuoso musicianship to great songwriting, Between The Ditches has got it all. All from a little Brown County, Indian,a band that’s got the nerve (and the right) to call themselves Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band!


The Whigs will perform live at The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St., Downtown Boise) at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25. This is the band’s only show in town — they had a day off between Seattle and Salt Lake City and are stopping in Boise to rock the RX! As always, this Record Exchange in-store performance is free and all ages.

We have a limited quantity of Whigs 7-inches and patches to hand out free with purchase of their new album Enjoy the Company (available on CD and vinyl)!


With their new album Enjoy The Company, The Whigs have created a raucous ode to rock and roll. From the opening track, an exhilarating eight-minute mission statement called “Staying Alive,” the record offers a powerful sonic rendering of a band opening up to the depth of their past and kicking open the doors to their future. But most of all, this is the undeniably established sound of a band affirming their legacy in the American rock and roll paradigm.

While The Whigs recorded their second record Mission Control at famed Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood and their third release In The Dark in Athens, the making of Enjoy The Company was a dramatically different affair. This time the group sought the guidance of veteran producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Son Volt, Sonic Youth) and the solitude of Dreamland Studios housed in a historic church in rural Woodstock, New York. “We went out there to record without any distractions,” bassist Timothy Deaux explains. “There were no girlfriends there, no bars to go out to. It was just us and the music. Our last album focused on some pretty dark themes and with this one I think there’s a newfound sense of optimism and purpose. We didn’t make a sugary record, but I think we are honestly feeling good about the band and our lives and it comes across in the sound.”

As a result, The Whigs latest features ten tracks of pure celebratory rock and roll fueled by the rhythms of the road, the classic albums that inspired them and nights spent together on stage. “When we’re out there driving from show to show, that’s my favorite time to get new song ideas,” Gispert says. “And the tracks we eventually picked for the album are the ones that we love playing live.”

The song “Gospel” mines a joyous guitar hook for a timeless FM radio feel while another track “Rock And Roll Forever” is a spirited hard riffing love letter to the power of primal rock. And after opening with the impassioned declaration of resilience in “Staying Alive,” the record perfectly bookends with an equally ardent proclamation entitled “Ours.” The song begins with reflective vocals over a lone guitar. Then, like some lost track from a beloved vinyl classic, the music builds, drums exploding accompanied by a volley of power chords. “That song was written about a child whose parents were teaching him how to share,” Gispert explains. “It’s not mine or yours, but ours. Our band, our music — it’s open to anybody.”